How to Resell Your Items

Ready to earn some easy cash? These tips will help you get a maximum return for your items. Items should be:

-ITEMS MUST BE DELIVERED IN A REUSABLE BAG, TOTE, OR CONTAINER. LIMIT 2 CONTATINERS PER VISIT. - we will NOT accept items in trash bags, plastic bags, or boxes. A resusable bag from Walmart/Marshalls, etc is great, a laundry basket or storage tub is perfect, too! Your container is returned to you with any items we have not selected to buy. 

-CLEAN, FRESHLY LAUNDERED, AND FOLDED - remember, the better the items look, the more likely we are to accept them! Items that are dirty, wrinkled or with smells are not as attractive to our staff buyers.  

-FREE OF STAINS, RIPS, TEARS, MISSING BUTTONS/ZIPPERS - we pride ourselves on high quality gently used clothing. We will not accept items that are in these conditions

-STYLES FROM THE LAST 2-3 YEARS - think of the items YOU would purchase from the store.  Are these items of the same quality?

-GENTLY WORN - is there excess piling, wear and tear on the knees, thinned out areas of fabric?  Is the fleece bunched and tangled? Some items have been loved a bit too much to be resold.


Upon arrival at the store, we have a drop off area for your items.  WE REQUIRE A STATE ID in order to process your buy. It may take 1-3 hours to complete the processing of your items depending on the number of items and how busy we are that day.  We will CALL YOU when we have completed the processing.  We cannot give out a quote over the phone.

You have until CLOSE the FOLLOWING DAY to pick up your items and receive your cash quote if desired.  After that time frame, your quote will transfer automatically to store credit and your unselected items will be donated.

Not sure what to bring in? Give us a call at 440-646-9040 and we will be happy to let you know what we are currently accepting and most in need of!