Frequently Asked Questions

How does children's resale work?

Many children outgrow clothing, shoes, and accessories before they are outworn.  We buy these gently used, high quality clothing and other items from our customers and in return our customers receive cash or store credit.  


Is resale different than consignment?

Yes, resale and consignment are different.  With consignment, you do not receive payment for your items until they are sold.  The items decrease in price over time and some do not sell at all so your return on your items is uncertain. With resale, we pay you cash at the time you bring your items in, so there is no waiting for a payout!  You do not need to worry about maintaining an account or picking up items months later that have not sold.


What items can I bring in to sell?

We accept many many items! Clothing that is in good condition and still in fashion size newborn to 14/16 boys and girls, both casual wear and dressy attire. Shoes that are not excessively worn or stained size newborn to 7, including sneakers, sandals, and dress shoes. We accept seasonal items such as rain boots, swimsuits, year round jackets, winter jackets, snow pants, snow boots, hats and gloves, Halloween costumes, Christmas and other holiday attire, etc. Baby play equipment including bouncers, rockers and activity tables and  selected larger items such as pack-n-plays and strollers are always in demand. Toys, puzzles and games are accepted if they have all their components and are clean and in good working order. 

Our inventory needs are always changing so feel free to call ahead and check what items we are currently accepting.  If you have a question about selling an item, please call we are happy to help! 

Ready to bring in some items? Click HERE for the checklist to ensure your best payout!


How much do you pay for clothing and other items?

In general, we offer 20-50% of the resale price for items brought in by customers.  The more expensive the item, the higher the percentage you will receive. The quality of the items will also affect the price.  We will evaluate the items you bring in and give you a quote for the items we would like to buy.  We can pay you in cash or you can get 25% more value with store credit.  


Why were some of my items not selected for purchase?

We stock our inventory with only high quality items.  Sometimes items are too worn or stretched, or simply out of style.  We will not accept items that are stained, frayed, torn, or missing buttons or zippers.  Sometimes the items are in great condition and we are simply overstocked with that category of items.  We will let you know when you come to pick up your items why they were not selected and if you should keep some to bring back at a later time!


What is your return policy?

Regular priced clothing can be returned within 7 days of purchase for store credit or exchange. You need to have your receipt and tags must still be attached. All footwear, accessories, equipment, toys and sale/clearance items are final sale. 


Do I need to bring my own bags?

We do have bags available for customers but encourage the use of reusable bags if you have them!